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Index.dat Analyzer 2.5
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File Size: 906.6 Kb

Index.dat Analyzer 2.5

Publisher:Systenance Software
Platform:Vista, Windows
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Index.dat Analyzer - Index.dat files are hidden files on your computer that contain all tracks of your online activity, where have you been on internet, what sites you visited, list of URL-s, files and documents you recently accessed. Index.dat files stored on your computer are obviously a potential privacy threat as they can be found and viewed without your knowledge. Index.dat Analyzer is free tool to view and delete contents of hidden index.dat files.

List of Changes:

Version 2.0 from 2007-03-10


View and delete contents of index.dat files.

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File Size: 906.6 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Cmverma64 2011-08-30 07:29:06 #
Version: 2.5

just verrrrry gooooood...
to keep a watch on your kids

Dumitrascucristina 2011-06-27 01:08:09 #
Version: 2.5

the Analyzed did exactly what I needed, worked great on Vista

Amayfield 2011-05-26 11:33:45 #
Version: 2.5

Works as advertised. Quite helpful in figuring what websites are causing network problems with fake av.

Jon 2011-02-04 08:13:04 #
Version: 2.5

At first the product was not very intuitive to use but I got my head round it ok. It seemed to do what I wanted but not to the level I feel is necessary. It only scrambled the content of index.dat, it did not remove it! Therefore the file size remained at 320kb instead of the zero I was looking for. I could also still make out parts of the content visually therefore it was not 100% effective. It also could have done with picking up other .dat files like NTuser.dat.

Vonnie 2010-08-15 20:57:20 #
Version: 2.5

It was good, but we really wanted to be able to restore the index.dat files that had been deleted but couldn't find the restore button that the fix had indicated we would need.

Enowicki1 2010-07-30 08:28:44 #
Version: 2.5

Worked great

Alberto Sansò 2010-06-12 03:59:40 #
Version: 2.5

I am fully satisfied of your Index.dat Analyzer 2.5.
I have recommended it to my friends.
I have another laptop where Windows 7 is installed, but I undestood that the same software is not working with Windows 7.
Please confirm.
Best regards, Alberto Sansò.

Ols01 2010-02-27 05:11:54 #
Version: 2.5

Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem. I use Explorer 8 over Win XP and some of the historical data couldn't be erased even with your tool.

Friedanatalia 2010-02-02 19:22:04 #
Version: 2.5

It works well. Thanks a lot.

Beronica 1 2009-11-11 01:00:48 #
Version: 2.5

how do i translate dat file text ?

Fdoub 2009-11-08 19:32:32 #
Version: 2.5

Did exactly what I needed. Thanks.

Renoirsm 2009-10-08 22:06:17 #
Version: 2.5


just to let you know I installed your program to delete old addresses in my ie6 browser with xp pro....the old addressed are still there after running the alalyzer abount 10 times....can I restore the dat files that were removed, as I now cannot print pdf maps from now goes into data mode when I print..

- Steve Michaels
renoirsm at

Billast1957 2009-09-17 11:22:40 #
Version: 2.5

Works great, very simple to use!

Defiantbetty 2009-09-02 11:44:53 #
Version: 2.5

The down load completed but I cannot get the software to work.

Dneilsen 1 2009-07-23 15:34:43 #
Version: 2.5

great product. It did what I needed, was simple to use and effective.

Amywolfschoon 2009-07-21 12:52:12 #
Version: 2.5

It was really great. I need to recover some pages and other that we erased by mistake. And everything where there.

Great help! Easy to use.

Soft71 903 2009-07-14 13:13:53 #
Version: 2.5


My first comment is: the list of Index.dat files Index.dat Analyzer is populating is far different from the one Windows Explorer is making up.
My second comment is: I had the feeling I was progressing at random within the software. Maybe a second try is needed to better assess all the features.



KJ 2009-07-02 13:40:01 #
Version: 2.5

After reading the reviews of Index.dat Analyzer 2.5 it does what it is meant to do. My index.dat files are piling up in my computer and slowing it down. I noticed that the screen shots of index.dat analyzer is different from the new version as I would like to view the history, cache and cookies from the down menu but can't find it unless someone could point me to how to view before I keep using the auto eraser. Overall this is a brilliant software.

Dave 2009-06-20 23:48:13 #
Version: 2.5

First of all I need to say that I'm running this program on a new Windows XP Pro 64-bit OS and usually MOST everything you try to run/install on a 64-bit OS is often a problem. So I was nice that it worked without a problem.
What I've found is that the program is best suited for "totally" deleting any or all index.dat files. It would be better IF you could "highlight" a specific group of undesirable entries and then click a delete button or icon to delete them. Since my index.dat file was HUGE, it would've been nearly impossible to individually click "each" checkbox for deletion.
Ultimately, I was left with only ONE viable option, deleting ALL index.dat files and even though I wasn't 100% comfortable with that kind of radical option, I did delete ALL index.dat files and so far everything seems to be operating normally.
So, for future use, I will probably just continue to delete ALL index.dat files periodically (probably weekly).
IF you could highlight and delete
"groups", I would've given it a 5 "bar" rating instead of 4 bars.
Based on my experience in using it, it does what is claims and does it well and I would therefore highly recommend it.
And the price is right!

Pedwint 2009-05-31 13:54:40 #
Version: 2.5

A useful programme with a couple of oddities:
1. Under the heading: 'How to use Index.dat analyser' reference is made to a pull-down menu offering a choice of History, Cookies or Cache. That menu does not appear when the programme is run in Windows 2000 pro.
2. Some Index.dat files do not appear to be picked up by the programme, e.g. ...MicrosoftOfficeRecentIndex.dat

Huizeh 2009-05-29 15:27:12 #
Version: 2.5

Thank you for offering us for free Index.dat Analyser.

I hate to have tracks on my PC, I do not want.

As far as I know, Index.dat Analyser is the only free tool which removes the info in all Index.dat files on my PC.

I use it every day.



Davidc 2009-05-17 16:36:47 #
Version: 2.5

Very good. For index.dat files better than Winspy. Easy to install and easy to use.

Ptr 2009-05-13 14:07:03 #
Version: 2.5

I downloaded the program and it did a great job, liked the features it has however I was looking to export the data to a Excel or csv format and I could not do that. Was using to capture user data and site history for system abuse and could not get it to do what I wanted to acomplish. Thats was the only knock I had great tool otherwise.

Bizibizibee 2009-05-08 14:32:07 #
Version: 2.5

I have only just downloaded the Analyzer, so I can't say much right now. I used the program once, right after I downloaded the file. Remind me to comment in a couple of weeks. Many thanks, Bizi

Ljadamec 2009-05-07 17:38:27 #
Version: 2.5

Very handy, and the analyzer does what its says. Thank you very much. If I was to fix something, I would make it possible to 1) remove files from the drop down list after they are no longer visible to the system, and 2) if I need to scan 1000 .dat files, I would rather not have to scan each one individually.
Thanks again.

Fmaa Msn 2009-04-27 00:18:12 #
Version: 2.5

Have used Index.dat for a couple of days. When I do auto erase and re login on a later session some of the history queries still appear in google search. Is there anything about using Internet Explorer 8 that might be casuing this? The other issue is that since clearing all the dat files I have not been receiving any microsoft updates? Is this or any/other been reported as an issue?



Ron 2009-04-05 16:35:51 #
Version: 2.5

Pretty slick little tool. Beats writing ones own script and does what it is supposed to do. Can't beat the price either. :)

Ruijosecarvalho 2009-03-30 07:20:24 #
Version: 2.5

It worked fine and it allowed me to solve my problem.

James Douglas53 2009-03-27 12:46:10 #
Version: 2.5

Easy to use to protect your privacy,business and personal details.

Dave.scabar 2009-03-18 18:14:05 #
Version: 2.5

Doesn`t Work

I open up the .dat files and see the entries I wish deleted. I mark them and delete them and when I return to Internet Explorer and type in the start of something it populates the field. Also on the drop down arrow the entries are still there. I went through the .dat files twice to make sure they were gone (which they were) but still IE is still listing the entries. This is frustrating along with that you cannot highlight a group of entries and mark them (only have none or all or go through individually). Maybe I am doing something wrong but it is quite self explanatory.

Vasu2409 2009-03-06 15:21:41 #
Version: 2.5

Index Analyzer

This is a very nice and useful product.

I downloaded and tested this and it works very well.

Michael_smoker 2009-03-05 09:00:37 #
Version: 2.5

Still reviewing

It appears to work extremely well. I would say this is a must have tool to have to safeguard your computer from prying eyes. One thing I have noticed though is that if you have lets say explorer open and you open another screen if you want to go back to explorer you have to click it several times in the start bar to open but I can live with that just knowing that my info is safe.

Tkshaw 2009-02-28 12:11:23 #
Version: 2.5

so far so good

better than a couple of others I tried - easy to use and loving the daily updates
really need it right now - so very happy with it

PD78 2009-02-20 12:50:31 #
Version: 2.5


This is an easy to use utility. It does an excellent job and is very stable. I would recommend it to anyone looking to fully clean out your PC of surfing history remnants.

Ronald.craig 2009-02-13 12:52:44 #
Version: 2.5

Helpful for Security review

Index.dat Analyzer enabled me to pull information regarding Internet browsing and put it into readable format for security personnel to review. The application was easy to use, and performed exactly as described.

DWALKER 2009-01-07 02:08:26 #
Version: 2.0

Index.dat.analyzer Review

Although I found the program extremely easy to use and very efficient,
I am not at all sure whether it is totally effective in removing material from the index.dat file.

It would seem to me that a multi-pass "shredder" type of deletion process would be more effective to insure that personal information stored therein is safely removed and unreadable through any outside hacking attempts.

As nothing was mentioned in this regard in the descritive synopsis provided on the download site for the program, I would not feel fully safe or assured that Indiex.dat.analyzer is THE answer to the problem.

Gferguson 2008-11-19 04:54:25 #
Version: 2.0

Should be part of every IT emergency kit.

Really good little program, which was very helpful in doing a quick check on internet usage. This should be part of every IT techs tool kit.

Alpirie 2008-10-22 12:10:48 #
Version: 2.0

Couldn`t get it to work with Vista Business?

Message box simply opened saying "OS not supported" then the application terminated with no other options. Shame as I was struggling to find an app which allowed me to view index.dat and not simply clean it. Never mind, worth a try.

Davidsymon 2008-10-20 16:05:35 #
Version: 2.0

Index.dat analyzer

This free utility not only analyzes Internet Explorer Index.dat but enables this and other files (cache, cookies) to be cleaned to retrieve space on the hard drive. This utility was found on the web after trying to get information from Microsoft (unsuccesfully) about cleaning and reducing the size of the dat file. This seeemed to be more effective than a commercial software package that I have been using.

Tbraje 2008-09-17 18:59:54 #
Version: 2.0

Good Product

Worked like a champ. I'll have to review your other programs.

Davidhutchinson 2008-09-08 04:28:17 #
Version: 2.0


All round performer that allows search of loacal and nework folders for required files. Intuitive interface and good save and export capabilities.

Nsiemens 2008-08-26 01:24:31 #
Version: 2.0

it works!

Now here is a product that works. I have less worries about someone getting what is none of their business. Good work, guys. And this software is free, to top it off.


Webdesign 2008-07-25 11:29:15 #
Version: 2.0

Index.dat Analyzer 2.0 works Great!

Program works great. Just what I was looking for. Easy to download. Easy to use. Thank you for having this product available!

Unxman 2008-07-16 15:40:34 #
Version: 2.0

Works as advertised.

Did just what I needed. I was able to examine some index files and see where my children went to. We'll be having a discussion on allowable browsing habits in the near future.

Anthony.jermyn 2008-06-09 13:33:46 #
Version: 2.0

Index dat analyser-vista compatible?

Realise that the product doesn't work with Vista. Will have to download trial version of Shadow Prof

mr.spiend 2008-04-13 03:06:21 #
Version: 2.0

Necessary Tool

Since the nice folks who give us those "free" browsers like to record where we've been and what we've seen, and since they've made these records less than easy to edit, this tool is a MUST.

It is easy to use and, best of all, effective.


Pebkac 2008-03-03 06:02:09 #
Version: 2.0

Works - needs better seelct/ sort options

To remove bad(mis-spelled/mis-typed)or old sites from appearing in IE7 when typing in address bar

A FREE tool that works! No spyware or adware.
GUI is a bit spartian and filter option works only on the Site name, and the select all/none button does not work on highlighted rows, but ALL rows. But it WORKS!

I would like to see teh ability to filter on other columns and the Select ALL/None buttons work on Highlighted rows. My index.dat had data back to 2004, trying to select all rows older than 2006 is a bit taking when you have to select each row individually as I could not filter on the year. Filtering on site name is just not enough for all that I wanted to do, but it did allow me to clear up my typos w/o having to clear all entries. Which this showed me MS does NOT do when clear history is selected in IE!

Again, Like the product, it got my biggest annoyance resolved w/o having to wipe all history.

Notton 2008-02-25 12:40:53 #
Version: 2.0

Vista problem

Doesn't work with Windows Vista Home Edition. So what 's next?

Clayton Ludwig 2007-09-23 06:17:52 #
Version: 2.0

Clayton Ludwig.

Yes, it was an ok program, and easy to use, but I downloaded this program to view a. Dat file that one of my other programs save to my hard drive. The program is a weather station interface, and I needed to have a way to view the weather conditions on my web site. This program however cannot do this, and that is why I rated it's features so low, because it can only do one thing. Otherwise it is a sound program, and I thank you.
Clayton D. Ludwig.
Pres, CDLA

HvS 2007-08-09 06:31:02 #
Version: 2.0

review index.dat analyzer

Index.dat Analyzer doesn't function with Vista........

JayPeeCee 2007-03-08 12:43:22 #
Version: 2.0

Piece of mind !

This was a nice piece of software easy to use and very straight forward and it sure does give great piece of mind, if you want to know your surf history or erase your history so that prying eyes and Big Brother can't keep invading and or stealing your privacy I'd recommend you give it a try.
It may not be what your looking for but it has helped me and I'm sure many others.

JJ 2006-12-09 08:49:36 #
Version: 2.0

Okay for Viewing

This product works great for viewing index.dat, but that's not what I needed. I needed to be able to capture the contents of index.dat, which this apparently does not do. So it's not really what I need.

smokey0110 2006-11-27 21:37:37 #
Version: 2.0

double check

This tool is very good for me due to the fact that I use it to re-check to see if all of the dat files have been deleted through other software.

ottawa 2006-11-02 14:14:31 #
Version: 2.0

Index.dat Analyzer 1.6 Review

I am very pleased with the free trial product. It is very easy to use, and the installation allows you to install it on a memory stick.

Great product.

Download Now
File Size: 906.6 Kb